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we print people

We 3D Capture and reproduce moments in time for you, your family, freinds and pets to be enjoyed for years to come. The miniature figurines are unque and accurate making it the perfect & ideal for that family gift.

Me & My star in 3D offers you the best of both worlds! as we already have your star in 3D scanned already we just need a scan of you to complete the rendering which then we would put yours or their arms around you to look like your standing with your favourite star.

My star in 3D offers you the choice to purchase your favourite celebrity in 3D, from football teams to pop groups there is a wide selection of stars available.

Just imagine seeing yourself, family, friends and even your pets as accurate miniature 3D printed figurine's!
Through clever 3D image capture and 3D printing we can now capture those special moments  in life, a baby in arms, coming of age, first day at school, graduation, uniformed careers,  marriage and anniversaries, immortalised in perfect miniature forever.
These photo-realistic 3D figurines are really very special, & ideal for capturing a moment in  time, perfect for that special present

A wide range of sports stars, music artists and actors that can be purchased as collectables, or  even be printed alongside yourself, this unique offering is available through Me & My Star in 3D

Your Event in 3D sees FT3D installing a 360 degree scanner at your event, either

Corporate or  private and then scanning the delegates or guests, capturing a special moment in time in a  very special way.​​

FT3D's state-of-the-art equipment offer's the very latest 3D based solutions alongside our traditional services & are in partnership with Staramba.